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Cheap Holidays 2016 - Lollipop Holiday Destinations


 Booking early for 2016 holidays would bring you some bargain deals through online travel agents. Some interesting ideas to choose a holiday resort:

Costa Rica


In 1821 Spain granted independence to all of its Central American colonies, including Costa Rica. The first head of state, Juan Mora Fernandez, took office in 1824. He declared San Jose the capital.Throughoutthe 1800s, a series of strong dictators ruled Costa Rica.They gained power by using force. However, in 1889 Costa Rica became a democracy. For the first time, the people truly elected their own leader.

(1831-1856) In 1856 Juan Santamaria became a national hero when he helped defeat an army from Nicaragua. He ran towards the building where enemy troops were hiding and set it on fire. The troops shot at Santamaria, and he died of his wounds on 11 April. But his brave action saved the Costa Rican troops. Today, 11 April is a national holiday honouring Juan Santamaria.

National flag and emblem
In 1848 Costa Rica adopted its flag and emblem. The Costa Rican fl (see page 46) has five horizontal stripes in blue, white, and red with the national seal in the centre. The words "Republica de Costa Rica" su rrou nd the national seal.

Coffee brings changes
In the 1800s, Costa Ricans began growing coffee beans. By the 1840s, Costa Rica was sending high quality coffee beans overseas. The economy boomed. So did the population. It increased from about 100,000 in 1850 to 250,000 by 1900.The cities grew, too, and there was more entertainment available, such as ice rinks, circuses, and bullfights.

Civil war
In 1940, Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia became president of Costa Rica. Calderon worked to improve conditions for workers by establishing a minimum wage, unemployment benefits, and paid holidays. He also founded the University of Costa Rica.
But when he sought re-election in 1948, he lost. His defeat led to a civil war between Calderon's supporters and followers of Jose Maria ("Don Pepe") Figueres Ferrer. Don Pepe, who was supported by the governments of Guatemala and Cuba, seized the cities of Cartago and Puerto Limon. Calderon gave in before Don Pepe could take over the capital city, San Jose. The war lasted 40 days. About 2,000 people died.

Don Pepe became one of Costa Rica's most important leaders. He extended voting rights to women and black people. Under his leadership, Costa Ricans adopted a new constitution and abolished the army.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Late Deals and Cheap Holidays for Summer 2015


When we reach to middle of the summer, very few cheap last minute deals would be available from the travel agents. You have to wait until very last day to grab a bargain, probably a cancellation holiday. Some bigger Tour operators also offers discounts if they have excess of holiday packages unsold for the season. Visit lollipop Travel site for more.

Cheap package Holiday Deals

All inclusive Holidays On The Beach
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Sunsave Holidays
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Ice Lolly
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Snap your best holiday deals on Beach
The benefits of seaside beach holidays have been demonstrated. With distance travelled and age not the issue, dedicated studies have found that there is more to be gained from this kind of getaway.
A holiday on the beach helps you unwind in the most unadulterated of ways. The roaring of the waves and whistling of the wind provides the ideal white noise to help distract the mind from all concerns. Swimming recruits every muscle in the body, providing a workout. The salt in the sea water helps exfoliate the skin, while the seaweed helps with cellulite reduction.
Engaging in watersports, such as windsurfing or waterskiing help workout the muscles, leaving you feeling fit. The exposure to the sun also has its benefits. Besides the healthy doses of Vitamin D, you get some emotional uplifting from simply sitting under it. You do of course have to wear your sunscreen to forestall any irradiation consequences.
 Low Cost Holidays

Many Beach Destinations
With so much to be gained from a seaside sojourn, you should commit to an annual one religiously. The benefits are far too important to ignore. Whether you’ll be travelling with your spouse or entire family, there are many destinations that you can visit.
Turkey is a particularly fine place to go. Since it is within Europe, the trip from the UK is not exhaustingly long. Some of the destinations in the Republic such as Marmaris, Antalya, Side and Cesme are internationally known.

The Mediterranean provides long stretches of shoreline, so there are very many interesting points in the Riviera. The archeological landscapes of Turkey are very pristine, so there will be a lot to do in your week-long or month-long stay.

Alternatively, an African safari will let you appreciate the beauty of the wildernesses. A Middle Eastern trip will immerse you into Arabic opulence. But a holiday on the beach will simply let you be. It will be renewing in many ways, and will make you feel ready for the days ahead. The physical and psychological benefits are apparent. Next time you feel a pressing need to get away, you now know where you need to go.