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Wonderful Winter Travel Photos - Japan


 Travel and Holiday photos:
Amazing Lake Kussharo , Japan.

Swan Lake Kussharo - Japan



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Ice Lolly Holidays 2015 Deals


Holiday Destinations and Tips for 2015:

A Holiday Heaven :  Cyprus

Getting to know Cyprus
Cyprus is a Mediterranean holiday island par excellence that extends a warm welcome to visitors and has much to offer. Sunshine, blue skies, beaches, vineyards, orange and lemon groves, a multicoloured carpet of flowers in spring, wild mountain ranges, cedar forests and remote villages are all to be discovered on this beautiful island.

In Greek mythology. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born here, drifting ashore on a seashell. As the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite tells it: I will sing of stately Aphrodite, gold-crowned and beautiful, Whose dominion is the walled cities of all sea-set Cyprus. There the moist breath of the West Wind wafted her over the waves of the loud-moaning sea. Cypriots have taken Aphrodite to their hearts, and who can blame them?

Stone Age tombs, Greek temples, Roman mosaics, Byzantine monasteries, Crusader castles, Gothic abbeys, Arab mosques, Turkish bath-houses. Imperial British hill stations — where else but Cyprus? The island has always been a crossroads and visiting civilisations left the signature of their passing in many ruined historic sites.

With around 3,000 hours of sunshine annually, Cyprus is well acquainted with that golden ball in the sky From spring through to autumn, good weather is pretty well guaranteed, with summer temperatures soaring into the 30s°C (gosT). Spring and autumn are milder, with the possibility of rain. Even in winter, the climate can be warm, although mixed with periods of rain, and even snow in theTroodos Mountains. If you find yourself caught in a rainstorm, you can take comfort from the fact that the island badly needs the water to restore reservoirs and underground supplies that have been depleted by drought.

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Italy Holidays in the Sun


Italy is so beautiful and rich in culture that tourism is its most important industry, with hundreds of thousands of people visiting the country each year. There are many seaside resorts, but some have become polluted and crowded, especially on the Adriatic coast. The beaches there are popular because they are long and sandy. On the Mediterranean, the Ligurian coast is rocky and sheltered. The further south you go, the beaches become less crowded.

Here are just a few of the tourist spots in Italy:

 Sicilia has been influenced by many cultures and Siracusa is the birthplace of Archimedes. There are many interesting Greek temples to visit.

The Mountains
 The Alps and the Dolomites are excellent for skiing. Popular resorts are Courmayeur, near Mont Blanc, and Cortina d’Ampezzo. Italians also ski in the Appenines at weekends.

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Very Cheap Holidays for Brits



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Ice lolly All Inclusive Holidays - Best Deals

Trip and Travel Advisor recommended places for All inclusive holidays:

GOA - Arambol

Nestled right up near the northern tip of Goa, sociable Arambol has
escaped the influx of package holidaymakers that has been seen by
some of the more central beach resorts. Instead, it has been taken over
by a different breed: hippies. Independent travellers,free spirits and
anyone with natty dreads will fit right in here; in fact it’s hard for anyone
not to feel at home in a place with such a sense of community.
Restaurateurs are friendly and relaxed, there’s plenty of communal
entertainment like film nights, and dotted around are little notices
advertising everything from music lessons to massage.

SPAIN - Barcelona

Barcelona became one of Europe's most famous cities after
hosting the hugely successful 1992 Olympic Games. In
preparation for the Olympics, and with help from the
European Union (EU), an Olympic Village rose from the
disintegrating old industrial area of the city. Art galleries
opened, the run-down dock area became a complex of
restaurants and yachting marinas, and the historic centre of
Barcelona was restored

▲ La Sagrada Familia church is
an example of the striking
architecture found in the wealthy
city of Barcelona. It is a major
attraction for the many tourists
who visit Barcelona each year.


It is believed the human habitation
of Thailand goes back at least
10000 years. Finds by archaeological
expeditions indicate a primitive
cave-dwelling culture existed
around that time. The first identifiable
culture is that of the Negrito, who
were followed by the Mon-Khmer and
the Lawa. The Mon eventually migrated
westward to the Salween River
region, while the Khmers went east,
forming the basis of Cambodia. The
Lawa tended to spread in a north-south
direction in mid-Thailand.

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 Some suggested destinations for the summer are:


Lake Garda is an island of scenery without compare, a mediterranean
spot immersed in the savage grandeur of the alpine mountains. It’s j
a combining of remote historic events and of human history. Nature
and history come together said Carlo Cattaneo, descriving in 1844
this corner of paradise: “amazement would take the traveller to an
even higher level if, on coming down from the summit of Baldo, ]
where he had been gathering Bavarian sandstone plants* the pallene
spinosa, citiso purpureo, he could already notice among the cracks 1
in the rocks of the banks of lemon the flamming masses of oleander; ]
and in the merry amphitheatre of Bogliaco he would even see, as if
among the immense colonnades of Persepoli or Menfi, the bizzare j
constructions oft the citrus plants. He would see among the long
walls of the extremely vaguely defined Salodiano countryside the
nestling growth of the delicate flower of the Capparis, and a
continuous forest of bay trees, with the odd cedar and orange tree,
whose bright foliage alternates with the austere tints of the grey
olive-groves strewing balmy gold under a limpid sky”.
A place where the interference of man has been respectful of nature,
the environmental beauty reaches levels it would be difficult to

The colour gold on the Jamaican flag symbolises wealth and sunlight. Black
stands for strength and creativity. Green represents Jamaica’s plentiful natural
resources and the hope of its people.
The Land:
Jamaica is part of the Greater Antilles,
a chain of islands on the northern edge
of the Caribbean Sea. The countries
nearest to Jamaica are Cuba to the
north and Haiti to the east.
The island of Jamaica has an area
of 10,992 square kilometres. Jamaica
is actually the tip of a mountain that
lies mostly beneath the sea’s surface.
Much of the land consists of mountains
and valleys.


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Deserts to Discover by Travellers

Travel to places on Earth that is not a Beach Holiday!

Travel and Holiday Guide to Deserts:
There are places where rain hardly ever falls and few plants can survive, where the sun scorches the earth and strong winds whip sand and dust from the ground. These places are called deserts. But not all deserts are areas of shifting sands and intense heat. In fact, rock and gravel cover the greater part of most deserts. Some deserts, such as the Gobi Desert in Asia, are actually cold for most of the year. Other deserts are blisteringly hot during the day, but temperatures drop dramatically during the night.

A surprising variety of plant and animal life struggles to survive the harsh conditions of the desert and many people call it their home.

 Death Valley, California, is the hottest, driest area o f the United States.
The scientific definition of a desert is a place that has very little vegetation and receives less than 25cm ( 10 inches) of rain each year. This means that the landmass at the South Pole could be called a desert because it receives only a few centimetres of rain each year. The water does not fall as rain, however, but snow!

Some of the highest sand dunes in the world can be found in the Namib Desert in southern
Africa. Sand dunes are not fixed features of the desert. They are mobile mounds of sand which
are shaped by the wind.  A boulder-strewn part of the Namib Desert shows signs of life after a good year’s rainfall.Death Valley, California, is the hottest, driest area o f the United States.

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