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Lake Garda is an island of scenery without compare, a mediterranean
spot immersed in the savage grandeur of the alpine mountains. It’s j
a combining of remote historic events and of human history. Nature
and history come together said Carlo Cattaneo, descriving in 1844
this corner of paradise: “amazement would take the traveller to an
even higher level if, on coming down from the summit of Baldo, ]
where he had been gathering Bavarian sandstone plants* the pallene
spinosa, citiso purpureo, he could already notice among the cracks 1
in the rocks of the banks of lemon the flamming masses of oleander; ]
and in the merry amphitheatre of Bogliaco he would even see, as if
among the immense colonnades of Persepoli or Menfi, the bizzare j
constructions oft the citrus plants. He would see among the long
walls of the extremely vaguely defined Salodiano countryside the
nestling growth of the delicate flower of the Capparis, and a
continuous forest of bay trees, with the odd cedar and orange tree,
whose bright foliage alternates with the austere tints of the grey
olive-groves strewing balmy gold under a limpid sky”.
A place where the interference of man has been respectful of nature,
the environmental beauty reaches levels it would be difficult to

The colour gold on the Jamaican flag symbolises wealth and sunlight. Black
stands for strength and creativity. Green represents Jamaica’s plentiful natural
resources and the hope of its people.
The Land:
Jamaica is part of the Greater Antilles,
a chain of islands on the northern edge
of the Caribbean Sea. The countries
nearest to Jamaica are Cuba to the
north and Haiti to the east.
The island of Jamaica has an area
of 10,992 square kilometres. Jamaica
is actually the tip of a mountain that
lies mostly beneath the sea’s surface.
Much of the land consists of mountains
and valleys.


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