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Late Deals and Cheap Holidays for Summer 2015


When we reach to middle of the summer, very few cheap last minute deals would be available from the travel agents. You have to wait until very last day to grab a bargain, probably a cancellation holiday. Some bigger Tour operators also offers discounts if they have excess of holiday packages unsold for the season. Visit lollipop Travel site for more.

Cheap package Holiday Deals

All inclusive Holidays On The Beach
If you are searching for variety of cheap Holidays on the beach, best place to go is probably the best bargain holiday company in the UK.
Spread the Cost Of Your Holiday? with on the beach. Pay Just Two Weeks Before You Fly!  On the Beach Holidays is our top pick.

Sunsave Holidays
Sunsave Holidays is award winning travel website that you can book your holiday with confidence. Up To 50% Off  deals often available to Book your next holiday online or by phone. All Inclusive deals and fantastic prices on a range of last minute Great offers on Last Minute Holidays with

Ice Lolly
Ice lolly Holidays has Great deals on holidays, hotels and flights to 100's of destinations.  Book your holiday online from hundreds of holidays advertised on  and you could  Save up to 60% off high street prices on cheap All Inclusive holidays. Ice Lolly top destinations: Canaries, Turkey and Spain Holidays.

Snap your best holiday deals on Beach
The benefits of seaside beach holidays have been demonstrated. With distance travelled and age not the issue, dedicated studies have found that there is more to be gained from this kind of getaway.
A holiday on the beach helps you unwind in the most unadulterated of ways. The roaring of the waves and whistling of the wind provides the ideal white noise to help distract the mind from all concerns. Swimming recruits every muscle in the body, providing a workout. The salt in the sea water helps exfoliate the skin, while the seaweed helps with cellulite reduction.
Engaging in watersports, such as windsurfing or waterskiing help workout the muscles, leaving you feeling fit. The exposure to the sun also has its benefits. Besides the healthy doses of Vitamin D, you get some emotional uplifting from simply sitting under it. You do of course have to wear your sunscreen to forestall any irradiation consequences.
 Low Cost Holidays

Many Beach Destinations
With so much to be gained from a seaside sojourn, you should commit to an annual one religiously. The benefits are far too important to ignore. Whether you’ll be travelling with your spouse or entire family, there are many destinations that you can visit.
Turkey is a particularly fine place to go. Since it is within Europe, the trip from the UK is not exhaustingly long. Some of the destinations in the Republic such as Marmaris, Antalya, Side and Cesme are internationally known.

The Mediterranean provides long stretches of shoreline, so there are very many interesting points in the Riviera. The archeological landscapes of Turkey are very pristine, so there will be a lot to do in your week-long or month-long stay.

Alternatively, an African safari will let you appreciate the beauty of the wildernesses. A Middle Eastern trip will immerse you into Arabic opulence. But a holiday on the beach will simply let you be. It will be renewing in many ways, and will make you feel ready for the days ahead. The physical and psychological benefits are apparent. Next time you feel a pressing need to get away, you now know where you need to go.

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Cheap Last-minute Deals from UK - Lollipop Holidays


Really Cheap Holidays Over 20 million cheap 2015 holidays online. visit this link first.

 Cheap holidays on last minute summer sales - you'll find the best holiday packages. Of course, always guaranteed low prices! The low-cost travel portal: Lollipop. With the cheap holidays with lollipop every holiday at a bargain deal. Here is the all-inclusive vacation is often cheaper than their own rent.

Some amazing hand-picked deals below for last minute booking. Please follow our blog for freshly updated travel bargains and cheap holiday tips.

Amazing Travel Video for inspiration:

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Looking for Late Summer Deals for 2015? Some Destination Ideas.


Cheap holiday ideas and inspiration for 2015 summer :

Piemonte, ITALY

Piemont lies in the northwestern part of Italy. It shares its border with France and Switzerland. In 2006 the winter Olympic games were hosted in one of the main cities of Piemonte known as Turin. Alps cover the three sides of the region. Piemonte is well known for wines and local cuisines. The main cities in the region include Acqui Terme, Turin, Alba, Asti, Bardonecchia, Barolo, Biella, Bra and Verbania. Other destinations in the area include The Langhe, Monferrato, Pinerolo, Roero, Saluzzo, Candelo, Susa and Colletto Fava. The population of Piemonte is known for their shyness. And this has often made them the laughing stock by the rest of Italy. Industrialization began on the area since the 1800s, but nowadays things are a bit sluggish. The region boasts of strong monarchy, which can still be found in Piemonte.

Getting access to Piemonte is made simple. Airports are present in plenty. Caselle airport, Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio, Cristoforo Colombo Airport, Le Valdigi airport are some the airports found in the region. The region is also well connected by trains from France and Switzerland. Highways also connect the region with France, Switzerland and various other parts of Italy. So transportation by road is also made easy. Contrary to the other Italian tourist destinations, renting a car is the best option while being in Piemonte. Local bus services also ply in between the important cities.

Some of the places worth seeing are Mole Antonelliana and Museo Egizio. The former is a synagogue that has been modified into the national cinema museum these days. The latter is an Egyptian museum. It might surprise you to know that this museum stands second in popularity and content, apart from the museums present in Egypt. Ski resorts are dotted all over the place. The foremost among them is the Milky Way. Sestriere, Sauze D'Oulx and Claviere are some of the well-known resorts in the Milkyway ski. Bardonecchia is another one of the ski resorts. The snowboarding events of the Winter Olympics had taken place in here. Bollito Misto and Fritto Misto are two of the well-known local dishes. But be warned, they are not found everywhere, but only in select old restaurants. Another dish worth trying is the Bagna Cauda. Paniscia Vercellese, fried frogs and fishes from the lake are also served in here. Barolo and Barbaresco are two of the well-known wines produced in the area.

Some sites to find cheapest holidays :
similarly : and

Aarhus - Denmark:

Arhus Festuge (Aarhus Festival) has been taking place annually since 1965. Now recognised as one of northern Europe’s most diverse cultural festivals, it encompasses hundreds of events and activities over ten days of dance, music, exhibitions, theatre, opera, kids’ culture, sport and entertainment. Unlike most other city festivals, Aarhus’s pursues a specific theme each year. For example, 2010's was Naboer (neighbours) and others have included Hans Christian Andersen (2005), Womania (2006) and Open City (2008).The fact that performances and events have to be relevant to a given theme keeps the festival fresh and vital. Events always stir up debate across the city and this being Scandinavia,things always run a bit deeper than one might expect. In 2007 the theme was In Motion, which prompted debates about the future of the city and the world, the nature of time and - the big one - the movement of traffic through the city.

 Deep stuff indeed. Over the decades the Arhus Festuge has attracted thousands of local artists, as well as some surprisingly big names. The dance troupe Stomp,The Rolling Stones, Ravi Shankar, the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Nigel Kennedy, Bjork, Rage Against the Machine and Green Day have all made appearances. Whatever the theme is, the whole of the city gets involved, and its parks, restaurants,theatres and museums all become specialist venues.The main aim is to have fun and discover the city’s diverse and ever-evolving cultural scene, so if you’re in town,you really shouldn’t miss it. Actually,you won’t be able to. 

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Cheap Holidays to Turkey 2015


 Top Recommended Websites to book your holiday in Turkey:
Enjoy Good-Value Family Holidays in Turkey
Holidaymate brings for you tons of activities and makes sure that you have a classic family holiday in the most affordable of ways.
If you are all set to enjoy the charm of sunny beaches with loads of fun-filled activities and culture to submerge into, then Turkey is the place to be! Here is our list that will help you to pick the one which pleases you instantly:

1 Patara, near Kalkan
Patara is undeniably one of the finest of beaches you can visit in Turkey and it stretches far and wide about 18km without a single building being noticed in sight. Once you step into the town, you get a hippyish feeling, with a flotilla of simple restaurants and bard that are cushion-strewn. If you are planning to spend some beach time and want to have a wonderful time with your family and little ones, this will be the best pick for you. You can put up at resort of Kalkan which is located at Xanthos and is not at all far from the beach, making it more convenient for you to travel to the beach back and forth whenever you wish to! You can get all the details and plan all bookings at Holidaymate conveniently and safely.
2 Dalyan, near Dalaman
For those who wish to spend a breathtaking and relaxing time with their family, Dalyan is the perfect option for them. It is positioned right on river Cay’s banksi. Unquestionably, kids will for a long time remember and enjoy the boat taxi rides, enjoy the Iztuzu beach, and not to forget, get a chance to recover, get pepped up and chill out in the popular mud baths.
Children and elders will have a wonderful time at the nautical resort of Göcek which offers a wide array of pleasurable water sports and white-water rafting. Take a step closer to nature by riding on horse backs in the mountainous region.
3 Kaya, near Fethiye
Ölü Deniz is popular and is regarded as the most active and busy resorts of Turkey. However, closer to nature is Resort Kaya, at the north-west side which has a few pensions and hotels to offer as well. This resort overlooks Karmylissos, which is the forsaken Greek village with a unique stance.
Just a few drives away is the gorgeous Gemiler beach, which has been quite recently found by hordes and is simply relaxing and ideal for family spending time in exotic beaches. Fethiye lies to the opposite side and you must pay visit to the market place and take pleasure in the divine and attractive old town essence for dinner and strolls with your family and loved ones. Even the Dalaman airport is quite close making is convenient for you to travel. For all the details you can connect with Holidaymate and make your holiday the most convenient and unforgettable one, for times to come!
4 Bezirgan, near Kalkan
There has not much changes been noticed in the Bezirgan village, even though there has been quite a tourist development taken place in the Kalkan which is only around fifteen minutes drive. Farmhouses are idyllically located right on plateau and there are a few shops and café stops you can unwind in.
For all kinds of natural and wildlife spotting, stroll and feel the spirit of village life. Kalkan is an ultimate family holiday destination with a remarkable beach located just a few steps away. 


This UK site is meant to make every trip to Turkey beautiful and comfortable. The flights are available here at a cheap rate. They provide real cheap deals, the facility of car hire, description of famous cruise destination and cruise lines; they guide the travelers with maps for every location. They help their clients enjoy both the sunshine holidays on the sea-coasts of the Mediterranean and Aegean and city break holidays to visit the cultural past of Turkey. The natural wonders and the cultural relics of Turkey are sure to win the hearts of the visitors. Both the party resorts and coach rides are available here. So leaving all your worries behind, plan your trip to Turkey and enjoy your Holidays.
  • .
This is another online company famous all over the world for their Holiday packages at an affordable price. They provide Travel Brochures along with route maps so that you can visit all the wonderful destinations in Turkey. Description of wildlife, the normal day to day life, shopping, and the nightlife of Turkey – all are included in their official site. They will send you newsletter if any facility regarding the packages is available there.

Holiday Mate is a famous online holiday company offering holiday package to the travelers who are planning to fly to Turkey and North Cyprus. They have attractive holiday packages to Turkey and Cyprus also with Flights which depart from UK airports. They have experience in this industry of travel and offer flights, proper travel guides at a cheap price. Their price checks are regular and they take pride on the fact that no other company can compete with them in case of price and all other advantages they provide. You can fly to Bodrum, Dalaman, Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir, Larnaca in the flights provided by Holiday Mate from all the airports of the UK. They offer the facility of airport transfer also. And all these facilities come in an affordable price. So you can choose holiday Mate as a reliable online holiday company, if you are planning your upcoming holiday trip to Turkey.
turkey all inclusive

Best Places to Visit : Antalya

The anchor city of the Mediterranean coast, Antalya is, aside from Istanbul, the most happening  city in rurkey, with a university and new, hi-tech Industries attracting a young, energetic and high-earning Is the perfect place to capture the 'East meets West ’spirit that is modern Turkey. Set on a wide, sandy bay backed by the ruggedly beautiful Taurus Mountains, Antalya has a wonderful location that has been the focus of many a passing conqueror. It is also In the sunniest part of Turkey, where temperatures stay comfortable throughout the winter - perfect for an early or late trip. Antalya’s tourist attractions act as a magnet for holidaymakers from all along the coast. The old town, Kalelici , is a large medieval enclave, its cobbled streets and Ottoman mansions dripping with atmosphere, while at its waterside, the Roman harbour is the focal point of boat trips by day, evening strolls and the city’s famed nightlife. Further history beckons at the Archaeological Museum , which is the best in southwest Turkey. Despite its size. Antalya has a lively international tourist strip west of the downtown area away from the urban sprawl, taking advantage of the long beach. Here you will find all the watersports and holiday activities you would expect at the vast Beach Park , but the buzzing  city is just on your doorstep. 


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Discount Holidays - Lollypop Discount Centre


Apart from assisting with flights and hotel reservations, Holiday Discount Centre, true to its name, offers various holidays within your budget. So you can choose from all inclusive getaways starting from 99 pounds or city breaks starting from 99 pounds. You can choose from top 10 rated cruises or top 10 skiing destinations.
Cheap Discount Holidays Lollypop

The website offers various international and Mediterranean destinations to choose from, all for great deals such as attractive packages for beach destinations such as Tunisia, Malta, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal, Bulgaria, Egypt and Caribbean getaways.
Apart from appealing holiday ideas and deals the site also has a useful travel guide feature that provides summarised information and travel tips and best time to visit many global destinations such as India, Brazil, Dubai, Caribbean, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mexico, the USA and several others worldwide. Their travel blog is interesting and helpful too.
So plan a pocket friendly holiday or compare options on the convenient site, Holiday Discount Centre. See more discount holiday offers on Lollypop Holidays website.

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Mud Volcanoes of Earth



See Amazing Photos Below:

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Cheapest Holidays : Monarch Holidays



 Monarch Holidays

Monarch Holidays: Different Amenities under One-Rooftop
Monarch a well-known airline company was founded in 1967, and it now provides cheapest holidays for the enthusiastic travelers. Besides low-budget air-trips, the company is more recognized in offering budget holiday packages, city breaks as well as hotel facilities. In addition, Monarch Holidays offers economical weekend breaks that perfectly suits a family or a couple.

Crazy Locations to Choose From

The airline company has a vast fleet of flight flying to various notable destinations of Europe from Manchester, East Midlands, London Luton, Birmingham, Leeds Bradford and London Gatwick airports. The flight and holiday company also takes the pleasure to enchant the tourists by offering perfect holiday gateway at cities like Rome, Alicante, Barcelona, Venice or beach sites like Spain, Canaries, Turkey, Cyprus and many more. 

Italy Holidays

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Very Cheap Holidays 2015


Some of the best web pages to visit for very cheap holidays and cheap holiday comparison this year:

Popular Cheap Holiday Destinatinon: Cyprus

Cyprus, the romantic paradise in the Mediterranean, is believed to be the birth place of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Whether it is true or not, you are sure to fall in love with the priceless beauty of the island. 

Cyprus, with its fine weather all through the year, is flocked by tourists in all seasons. Added to its fine weather, the beautiful beaches and coves, the thrilling mountain ranges, the archeological ruins, the exotic and diversified cuisine, modern infrastructure and facilities for transportation and accommodation and the hospitality of the Capriots make it a favorite tourist destination.

Cyprus Lollipop Travel

Ayia Napa, Protaras, Nicosia, Troodos, Paralimni, Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol and Polis are some of the popular cities of Cyprus. Each city has something peculiar and distinguishing to it.

Ayia Napa and Protaras are renowned for the best beaches in the island. The blue sea with the Blue Flag Beaches and thrilling water sports entices its visitors.

Paphos is rich in archeological ruins. The colorful Paphos harbor, Paphos mosaics and castles are sure to arouse your interest in the rich history of the island.

Troodos with its mountain ranges beckons one and all. Mount Olympus crowning the mountain peak, Cedar Valley, Panayia tou Araka(the church of Our Lady of the Pea), hilltop resorts, and vineyards on the slopes and skiing in winter attracts the crowd to Troodos.

Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol have mind raveling night life. The Salt Lake and Hala Sultan Tekke (mosque) of Larnaca, Laiki Yitoniak Hadigeorgakis,the famous tourist shopping center and Komesios or the House of the Dragoman in Nicosia and Castle at Kolossi and ancient Curium of Limassol are some of the must see places in Cyprus.

Choirokitia, a village half way between Larnaca and Limassol, preserves the ruins of stone-age civilization in Cyprus. This spot has been recognized by UNESCO among is World Heritage sites.

Famgusta with the Venetian walls all around, is supposed to be founded by the Egyptians in ancient times. The Citedal and Othello’s Tower are the masterpieces of Famgusta.

Lefkara is the home for the most famous exports of Cyprus- the Lefkara lace. Lefkara got its name from its lace making trade. Lefkara houses the Museum of Traditional Embroidery and Silver Work.

Cyprus holidaying is an experience with a difference. Cyprus offers a variety of leisure, activities and entertainment that it caters to urges of all age groups of tourists. A lazy day in the beach front villa, a sun bath in the calming beaches, a stroll through the mountain ranges, skiing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, cruises or fishing expeditions-any thing, you name it, you have it in Cyprus.