Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Looking for Late Summer Deals for 2015? Some Destination Ideas.


Cheap holiday ideas and inspiration for 2015 summer :

Piemonte, ITALY

Piemont lies in the northwestern part of Italy. It shares its border with France and Switzerland. In 2006 the winter Olympic games were hosted in one of the main cities of Piemonte known as Turin. Alps cover the three sides of the region. Piemonte is well known for wines and local cuisines. The main cities in the region include Acqui Terme, Turin, Alba, Asti, Bardonecchia, Barolo, Biella, Bra and Verbania. Other destinations in the area include The Langhe, Monferrato, Pinerolo, Roero, Saluzzo, Candelo, Susa and Colletto Fava. The population of Piemonte is known for their shyness. And this has often made them the laughing stock by the rest of Italy. Industrialization began on the area since the 1800s, but nowadays things are a bit sluggish. The region boasts of strong monarchy, which can still be found in Piemonte.

Getting access to Piemonte is made simple. Airports are present in plenty. Caselle airport, Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio, Cristoforo Colombo Airport, Le Valdigi airport are some the airports found in the region. The region is also well connected by trains from France and Switzerland. Highways also connect the region with France, Switzerland and various other parts of Italy. So transportation by road is also made easy. Contrary to the other Italian tourist destinations, renting a car is the best option while being in Piemonte. Local bus services also ply in between the important cities.

Some of the places worth seeing are Mole Antonelliana and Museo Egizio. The former is a synagogue that has been modified into the national cinema museum these days. The latter is an Egyptian museum. It might surprise you to know that this museum stands second in popularity and content, apart from the museums present in Egypt. Ski resorts are dotted all over the place. The foremost among them is the Milky Way. Sestriere, Sauze D'Oulx and Claviere are some of the well-known resorts in the Milkyway ski. Bardonecchia is another one of the ski resorts. The snowboarding events of the Winter Olympics had taken place in here. Bollito Misto and Fritto Misto are two of the well-known local dishes. But be warned, they are not found everywhere, but only in select old restaurants. Another dish worth trying is the Bagna Cauda. Paniscia Vercellese, fried frogs and fishes from the lake are also served in here. Barolo and Barbaresco are two of the well-known wines produced in the area.

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Aarhus - Denmark:

Arhus Festuge (Aarhus Festival) has been taking place annually since 1965. Now recognised as one of northern Europe’s most diverse cultural festivals, it encompasses hundreds of events and activities over ten days of dance, music, exhibitions, theatre, opera, kids’ culture, sport and entertainment. Unlike most other city festivals, Aarhus’s pursues a specific theme each year. For example, 2010's was Naboer (neighbours) and others have included Hans Christian Andersen (2005), Womania (2006) and Open City (2008).The fact that performances and events have to be relevant to a given theme keeps the festival fresh and vital. Events always stir up debate across the city and this being Scandinavia,things always run a bit deeper than one might expect. In 2007 the theme was In Motion, which prompted debates about the future of the city and the world, the nature of time and - the big one - the movement of traffic through the city.

 Deep stuff indeed. Over the decades the Arhus Festuge has attracted thousands of local artists, as well as some surprisingly big names. The dance troupe Stomp,The Rolling Stones, Ravi Shankar, the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Nigel Kennedy, Bjork, Rage Against the Machine and Green Day have all made appearances. Whatever the theme is, the whole of the city gets involved, and its parks, restaurants,theatres and museums all become specialist venues.The main aim is to have fun and discover the city’s diverse and ever-evolving cultural scene, so if you’re in town,you really shouldn’t miss it. Actually,you won’t be able to. www.aarhusfestuge.dk 

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